Life is a journey

Every decision is a junction in the road of life. By making our decisions we create our path.

Our path started as passionate mountain bikers and advocates of an outdoor life style. It quickly lead us to racing at the top level of the sport in the US. During the endless hours of training  and the high demands of racing our equipment was crucial and over time we developed very specific ideas and expectations for performance, feel and riding behavior of  our velo which only a custom bike could fulfill. 

This was the root of our affection for unique, handmade, high performance bikes. 

Having raced the last years of our career for a custom frame builder, Independent Fabrication,  we had the opportunity to move back to Germany and represent them in the German market. Long story short we became a distributor of custom bicycle frames. After a while there was a cross road and we took the path to start developing our own brand of custom steel frames, CremaCycles. And of course a unique frame needs an individual set up of parts to compliment the piece of art. So, the decision was to start importing specialty bike components to make our customers’ bikes as individual and unique as each of their riders. We take pride in every single bike we built as the owner dreamt it.

As the demand for fine bicycle parts is immense, CremaCycles Distribution grew to be a stand alone part of our business.

Our focus is to provide the German market with fine, unique bicycle parts while working with companies that make the most thought after products on the market, are socially responsible, produce sustainable products and pay respect to the one planet earth we have to live this life journey on. 

We are curious what this journey still unfolds. Thanks for your interest and stay tuned.

CremaCycles Distribution 

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